Paints Tools Workshop Sessions
Cool Blue 3x  Canvas Pads – size 12″x 16″ Week 1: Chasing Waves /  Tropical Palm
Cool Red
2x  Large Brush
Week 2:  Radiant Rainbow / Night-Time Adventures
Cool Yellow
1x  6pc Brush Set –  Paintlounge Exclusive Brand
Week 3:  Leaf Printmaking / Autumn Lake
Warm Blue
1x  5pc Brush Set – Flat Brushes
Week 4:  Loving Vincent, Starry Sky / Bob Ross, Sunset Aglow
Warm Red
2x  Palette Knife
Week 5:  Brave Owl / Bats in Flight
Warm Yellow
1x   Sponge Pack: Silk Sea (2 pcs)
Week 6:  Watercolour Castle / Twin Suns
Neon Pink
2x  Sponge: Regular
Week 7:   Into the Unknown / In the Big Blue World
Red Oxide
1x   Roll of Green Painters Tape
Week 8:  Ted Harrison, Northern Ice / Norval Morriseau, Thunderbird
Raw Sienna 1x   Plastic Ruler Week 9:   Fall Into Winter / Season’s Greetings
Burnt Sienna
1x   Toothbrush
Week 10: Earth From Afar / Unidentified Flying Object
2x   Chalk
Week 11: Festive Baubles / North Pole
Gold 2x   Black Marker
** Complimentary Items also included with our Master Kits:
11x Plastic Cups
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