Kit includes: 

Paint containers:

Cool Blue = 1 oz
Cool Yellow = 2 oz

Cool Red = 1 oz
Warm Blue = 1 oz

Warm Yellow = 2 oz
Warm Red = 2 oz

Neon Pink = 1 oz

Burnt Sienna = 1 oz

White = 3 oz


Brushes & Tools

Round Brush #2 (1 pc)

Palette knife (2 pc)

Chalk (1 pc)

Sponge (1 pc)



12” x 12” (1 pc)


Additional Supplies Needed (Not Included in Kit):

– Paper plates or paint palette or if you have some scrap piece of cardboard to mix paints
– Paper towel or an old rag to dry off tools
– Cup of Water, to clean your tools
– Blow dryer, to speed up drying between layers


Additional Notes

With your supply kit, you will be painting on a 12”x12″ canvas. The instructor may paint on a smaller canvas size so that we can give you more feedback throughout the session. Please note that the time allotted is for the 12”x12″ canvas size, however if you need more time, you can always finish your piece after the session has ended.

Creativity can get messy, so a friendly reminder not to wear your finest clothes! Please note our paints are water-based acrylics. If you get paint on your clothes, head to the nearest sink to lift it up with warm water and a cloth or sponge.

Please note: Image is representation only, may not be exact to kit and items listed above.

Kits available for PICKUP at our Markham location. See drop down menu at checkout for day and time options of the week.  SHIPPING AVAILABLE!, with enough notice at additional cost. Please email us at for details.

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