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One of the most famous and well known artists in the world, Vincent Van Gogh has 9 films created about him!”

  • Loving VincentVan Gogh – First painted film ever. 2017(rated PG)
  • A movie with 65,000 frames with oil paintings. Which is quite amazing.
  • Focuses on 130 of his paintings, took 7 years to create,
  • 100 artists were involved to paint in the style of Gogh

https://youtu.be/QE9Q_7bfHsM Watch until 3:29 to learn a little bit about the film before the class

Paint & Tools Kit: $10.75

White Large Brush
Cool Blue 5 pc Brush Pack
Warm Yellow Chalk
Warm Red

Tools & paints can also be purchased individually in our shop

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