Join us in June for our 4 week Challenge!

Join us in June for our 20/20 Challenge!

Challenge yourself to 4 weeks of painting in June.

Want to pick up your paint brush again but don’t know where to start, and how to start up again?

Would you love to paint again but the idea of setting up your paint station,
and cleaning up after stops you from even getting started?

Do you miss being around people in person and want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals?

Let’s build a community again and fill it with creativity!

All materials and canvases are included in the cost!
Your choice of canvas size per session

Studio Hours Availability:

Tues: 11am to 6pm
Wed: 11am to 6pm
Thurs: 1pm to 8pm
Fri: 1pm to 8pm

Please note: weekends are reserved for group bookings